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    Bruised, red, tender, swollen eyelids? - A very common complaint.  You should try a Bruder heat mask for relief.  Unclog those lid oil glands!

    The Bruder Moisture Mask is a very effective, holistic approach to dry eye and unclogging eyelid glands.  Heating your eye lids enables/activates your own body to better produce the oils essential to create a great tear film.  The mask is far better than face cloths because it delivers sustained moist heat.   A face cloth will only stay warm for approximately 40 seconds and you need a minimum of 5 minutes to have a positive effect on lipid flow/production.  5 to 10 minutes of the Bruder mask followed by lid massage works wonders for dry eye sufferers.  

    Dr. Morris uses the mask as cross-over product for dry eye sufferers + eyelid pain issues + those suffering from digital eye strain.

    Bruder masks heat in microwave.  They reusable, cleanable and last a very long time!

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  • March 5 - 16 | At some point... you or a family member has likely had pink eye.  There are many causes but pink eye caused by a virus is the most common.  Like a cold, a viral red eye has typically not been treated in the past.  The 1-2 weeks of red, irritated eyes (and social isolation!) seems endless.

    There are two new treatments for viral red eye that we are now using (when appropriate) so that you get better faster!  Povidone Iodine is an in office treatment to sterilize the eye of all virus so the the eye can heal faster.  We also use a new at home therapy to accelerate your return to white eyes!

    Come in an talk to us today as we provide urgent eye care services.    519-681-3670 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with an appointment request - no referral required.

    Depending on your diagnosis and your age, some services may not be OHIP covered.