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Holiday Gift Ideas

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Optometry Snowman Gifts

If you looking for a different holiday gift this year... think eyes!

Here are the top three gifts we see purchased this time of year...

MOM and GRANDMA - "The make-over".   Mom's like to try on and compare so gift certificates and the fun experience of an eye glass makeover are a popular choice!

TEENS - Contact Lenses.    An annual supply or a new fit and teach for contacts is a great gift that lasts all year long!  If your teen is new-to-contacts then a gift certificate works best and if for some reason contacts are not for them... funds can be used for glasses.

DAD - Sunglasses.  Ditch the old small frame shapes or goofy flip-up's.... A great pair of sunglasses for driving those wet winter roads will be appreciated for style and safety!

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