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I think that folks worry about asking Optometrists about refractive surgeries - including LASIK.

What if the doctor thinks this is voodoo?   What if the doctor is threatened or insulted somehow by the question?   What if - I the patient - don't like the doctors answer/opinion of LASIK?!

If you have these thoughts or are just interested in exploring whether you would be a good candidate for LASIK... please we'd love to talk to you.  In a no-stress, relaxed conversation we can explore if you would benefit from LASIK.   What are the limitations?  How long does it last?   What are the risks?   What are the real, true costs?   Does it hurt?   How long am I off work?   When can I work-out?   When can I swim after surgery?   Can I fly after surgery?    We have heard it all!

We have helped thousands of patients navigate the PRE and POST care of their refractive procedures with real answers and confidence.  

Dr. Morris is your advocate with surgery centers and his experience will help guide your successful eye surgery.

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Dr. Jason Morris has experience with many regional refractive surgery centers co-managing refractive cataract and laser refractive surgery but Vision Source London is proudly a TLC affiliate Center